Paul Buzzetta, Executive Chef & Owner

The Executive chef/owner of Sapore Italian Cafe, began his restaurant career at a young age in his parents restaurant, Benedetto's Ristorante in Des Peres, MO where he was raised. The restaurant later moved to the Le Chateau Village in Frontenac. Inspired by the classic Italian cooking of his Mother and Father, he knew he wanted to continue the tradition.

While his background of teaching may not be formal, the school of cooking where Paul learned his trade can rival just about anyone. His Nonna Elena, a Sicilian immigrant, stressed the important foundation of Italian cooking; keep it simple and let the food speak for itself. His father Benedetto, a butcher from Sicily, migrated to the United States and opened 6th Street Meat Market in downtown St. Louis. Upon meeting his future wife, Rosalia, together they embarked on a long restaurant career and have served St. Louis for over 30 years.

Sapore Italian Cafe is a culmination of Paul's past and future. He understands the foundation of Italian cooking and would only serve the freshest and highest quality of food to the customers that enter his restaurant. A few of Paul's favorite dishes to prepare are items that have become his signature. Such as the Eggplant Stack, Seabass Sicilian, Seafood Risotto and traditional tomato sauce with his own unique touch. Favorite classics that may not grace the menu but created from time to time are: Fagioli Soup, Sicilian style meatballs and Arancinis.

The culinary creations that are created in the kitchen of Sapore are full of flavor...which is the namesake of his establishment.

"Cooking is about finding superior quality ingredients and then using the simplest form to express their flavor"
- Paul Buzzetta